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Election Integrity

One of the greatest honors and responsibilities any Michigander can do is vote! When there are questions about the integrity of our elections, it should NEVER be a partisan issue to find the truth. Our country was founded on truth as a principle! With the 2020 election, we had thousands of people witness strange occurrences, irregularities and other anomalies. Under penalty of perjury, these Michiganders were willing to face jail time for their sworn testimonies. Sadly, other than a hearing meant to placate Trump supporters, there was NO legal recourse. A single court couldn’t be bothered to hear the evidence. We MUST have Voter ID in place for all elections. Most countries in the world require Voter ID in their elections and this should be no different for the greatest country in the world!  This should not be a partisan issue. 

Critical Race Theory in Schools

No human being should be treated less than any other based of the color of their skin. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best when he said that we should treat people by their 'character' no the color of their skin. Any teaching that tries to teach otherwise is strictly racist and should be called out as such. I will introduce legislation to ban Critical Race Theory from our public education systems and all of its components. 

Vaccine Mandates

Choice! No business should mandate any person to take a vaccine that they do not approve of. This is a simple, God Given Right!

2nd Amendment 

The words “Shall not be infringed” were important to the founding fathers for a reason and I will give you a hint: it wasn’t for hunting! The 2nd amendment has been under attack for decades by those who want to remove the ability of citizens to protect and defend themselves. If a country didn’t fear the people having a voice in government then there would be no need to continue infringing on those rights. I have watched as countless legislators continue to take away those rights from us, little by little until we have what we see today: a bastardized, twisted version that looks nothing like the vision our Founders intended. I swear to the people that I will uphold the Constitution and fight back on any infringement that Democrats or weak spined Republicans try to take away. Not only that, but I also promise to fight to take BACK rights that have been stripped from us! 


Our weak-willed leadership has allowed one-sided compromises with each and every bill that strips us of those rights. I will fight to push BACK on those rights taken away and introduce laws that restore laws that have restricted our 2nd Amendment rights!


They don’t work. Trust the science, right? There have been widespread studies showing that the lockdowns do not work. Some of our smarter Governors in states like South Dakota, Florida, and Texas have understood the science and have ordered their states to OPEN UP! That leadership in Government is what we need in Congress! Fearless, relentless and data driven! I will fight ANY lockdown as it infringes on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! It has destroyed our businesses, our children’s education, the economy, mental health and a whole host of other issues. It is time to OPEN AMERICA UP!