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Donald J. Trump

45th President of the United States of America

"There are so many great Trump people in Michigan. I love Michigan. It has some of the best people, and some of the worst elected officials. The people of Michigan demand better elected officials. Jon Rocha is a grassroots leader, a Marine, and a great father. Jon cares about Election Integrity and knows there was systemic voter fraud in the 2020 elections, and is working to uncover it. jon is the kind of leader we need in Michigan: a fighter with courage, not the spineless RINOs they have right now. I completely Endorse Jon Rocha for Michigan State Representative. I want him to win, and I want all America First Patriots in support of Jon to get him into Lansing where he belongs."
Ted Nugent

American Patriot and Rock Star

"I know real 'Michiganiacs' are in the asset column. They get up early, put their heart and soul into the best that they can be. They Celebrate, promote, and live God, Family, County, Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Law and Order and Jon will help usher Michigan back into the real Michigan asset column that I and you all so cherish."

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney 

Marlena's Bistro & Pizzeria

"It’s time for Michigan to have a representative that will stand and fight for its citizens. Jon Rocha fought and supported me while the government infringed on my Constitutionally protected rights. Jon was there giving full support, long before my arrest for keeping my restaurant open during unlawful COVID mandates. Vote for Jon Rocha, because he is committed to saving our Republic." - Marlena Pavlos-Hackney

David Agema 

Former State Representative, RNC Committeeman, Fighter Pilot

"Jon Rocha served our country when he joined the United States Marine Corps to fight the war on terror in Afghanistan. He has seen first-hand how complacency and timidness breed horror and tyranny. He helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support local businesses during the unjust and detrimental state mandated lockdowns. Jon has been a champion for election integrity by creating and submitting petition language with for a full forensic audit and to bring transparency back to our election process. Jon has a track record of service to the community and service to this country and he will continue to do so in the state legislature."

Kristen Meghan-Kelly 

Activist, OSHA expert, Air Force Veteran

"As a Voluntaryist, it is not my usual belief system to endorse or vote for people. Instead, I vote for "things". I stand behind policies that provide the preservation of freedom and individual liberty. In the quest for a more free lifestyle, it does me no good to ignore candidates that aim to support the aforementioned individual liberties. I asked that Jon Rocha sit down with me and allow me to gain further insight into his beliefs and what he stands for and support. To my pleasant surprise, he is worth getting behind. My views are my own, and I only speak for myself.

I officially endorse this Patriot!"

Randy "Trucker" Bishop 

Activist, Radio Host

"Jon Rocha is exactly the type of person the 78th Michigan State House District needs as a Representative in Lansing!!! Jon Rocha is a Marine Corps 
Veteran, fiscal Conservative and a limited government Patriot, I join President Trump, Ted Nugent, Dave Agema and many others in my total support and endorsement of Jon Rocha to be a strong Republican leader for the 78th House District!!!" 

"Your Defending Fathers" with "Trucker Randy" Bishop 
97.7 FM - WCHY

Chriss Lyon 

Author and Historian

Jon Rocha’s military service in the United States Marine Corps and as a football coach for Western Michigan University has given him leadership qualities and the ability to plan and coordinate as a team. In an era of unprecedented divisiveness, he has garnered support from fellow representative candidates in other districts, unselfishly giving them support and expressing his attention to all Michigan voters. I cannot think of a more devoted candidate who will work tirelessly for all of us. I encourage constituents to vote for Jon Rocha as your State Representative for the 78th District.

80 Million Patriots 
South County Coffee Club 

Patriot Activist Organization

Jon is First in many ways: He was the first speaker in the formative unaffiliated stage of the South County Republican Club, the first Coffee Club endorsement, and a true America First candidate. Coffee Club administrators have worked with Jon on the ground and witnessed his authenticity, his true passion for We the People and his Great Heart. When Jon directed his campaign from District 6 Congress to 78th State House, we could no longer vote for him but we can still endorse him as we know he will serve us all, all of Michigan, when he is elected in November. We hope this endorsement will GET OUT THE VOTE AND SUPPORT for Jon.